What, When and Where?


Join me on a historical tour of Leiden showcasing Founding Father John Adams‘ mission to the Netherlands during the American Revolution to try and save his country. A tale of high politics, diplomacy and war!


Free Walking Tours every Wednesday at 11am, Friday at 2pm, Saturday and Sunday at 11am! No need to sign up just show up!


Meet at the west side of the Cathedral Pieterskerk. Beside the cafe “Old School.” Look for a bald, smiling Canadian 🙂

The Tour

John Adams‘ time in the Netherlands is one of the most significant and forgotten about chapters of the American Revolutionary War. Leiden was undoubtedly his favorite city as his sons studied here and his dearest friends and allies lived here.

People forget that the first American Embassy was opened by Adams in The Hague and that the loan that he secured helped keep the infant American nation from plunging into chaos.

About Me

Hi! I‘m Chris and I am a Canadian living in The Hague. Im a huge American History nerd and have a Bachelor‘s Degree in History from Queen‘s University. History is my passion and I want to share that passion with the world!